History of Ram Cat Alley
Ram Cat Alley, the original Main Street of Seneca, was established in 1873 and so named because of the throngs of cats lured to the flatbed carts that carried fish and meats on mounds of ice from the railroad depot to Main Street grocers two blocks away. Locals at the time would say that there were so many felines, "you couldn't ram another cat into the alley."

However, it was not until the mid-90's that the original Main Street was officially renamed. By that point in time the old Main Street had become a ghost town, with many buildings in disrepair or used for storage. But Mayor Johnny Fields had a vision, and soon after the buildings were pressure washed and the street repaved, others could start to see what the mayor already could - that Ram Cat Alley was filled with historic charm.

More than 10 years later, retail shops, restaurants, and businesses have flooded Ram Cat Alley with a new, vibrant spirit that manages to embrace the beauty of Ram Cat Alley's past while keeping an eye squarely on the future.